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Dynamic Power Training Yoga Fusion

(1 hr 15 minutes)

If you are already active and looking to enhance or increase your activity level, then this class is for you! If you have pain from sports injuries, or old injuries that keep you stiff, or if you are just looking for high intensity exercise, then this class is for you! Get ready to sweat! High intensity, yet low impact. This 75-min class is a hybrid of power yoga, functional fitness & martial arts. You will use your own body weight so your risk of injury is absolutely minimal.


(60 minutes)

Full range of motion Strength training, from your toes to your head.  We use the 9′ rope to assist all movements, creating a unique exercise system that anyone can do, regardless of fitness level, flexibility or strength.  The objective of this class is to:  1) Increase range of motion throughout your body; and  2) increase strength throughout your range of motion

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