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How I train my injured knees for elasticity

Many of you already know this, but I still should reiterate here. I have had three significant knee injuries resulting in surgeries -- Torn ACL in my left knee, torn meniscus in my right knee, and torn meniscus in my left knee. All of these injuries happened as a result of competing in sports. (This is why I always say playing sports is NOT about health. Playing sports is about sacrificing your body for the sport. You must exercise outside of the sport in order to be healthy enough to play that sport!). At any rate, I have to invest time daily to keep my knees, spine, elbows (and other body parts sacrificed to the sport gods) elastic and functional. In this video, I show you one exercise that I do. Notice how my knees go way over my toes. This is exactly what "The Man" tells you NOT to do! :-) Click here to watch my demo. Enjoy!

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