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Is your health worth 4% of your time?

As you likely know, I make it a point to invest in my health and physical fitness every day. This includes deep breathing exercise Every.Single.Day. This weekend I decided to take an image of myself doing one of my favorite deep breathing exercises -- the Stomach Vacuum -- and compare it to myself from 12 years ago. At that time I had already been practicing and teaching for quite some time. And as I will continue to practice daily, I fully expect to have improved in the next decade. In another 13 years I will be 70 years old. Where will I be physically? Mentally? How much energy will I have? Of course there are no guarantees. I could die of cancer or heart failure this year. However, I am taking active measures to make it more likely that I will live a long and healthy life. I am one person who is fully committed to investing, and my mission is to encourage and inspire you to do the same.

There are 24 hours in a day. If you invest just one hour a day in your health and fitness, that is a mere 4% of your day. 4 percent! Is your health worth 4% of your time? The benefits are very much worth it!

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Thanks Jeff, I need this stretch.

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