The “P” in PMS can also stand for…

Do YOU have PMS?

Everyone feels like this from time to time, right? It is only human. But the key is to recognize it when it happens, and have the tools to reverse it. Then you can take action and regain your PMS!

All Mechaniacs know that PMS stands for Positive Mental State. But consider this, the “P” in PMS can also stand for:

  1. PRETEND — You’ve heard of the phrase, “Fake it til you make it”, right? It applies big time. The next time you are feeling blue, try smiling even though you won’t feel like it. If you persist with smiling, what do you think will happen to your mood? I can tell you first hand this works! Try it. What have you got to lose, except a bad mood?

  2. Pray — If you believe in your heart that you are not alone, and that there is a special reason that God has chosen you to go through these tough times, then how does that make you feel?  Look at it this way, the university professor expects more, and better quality, work from her freshman student than the second grade teacher expects from her 7 year old student.  However, each teacher expects her student to give his best with the tools currently available to him.  The second grade teacher would not expect her student to solve calculus equations.  So anytime your “work” gets tougher, look at it as though your instructor has moved you up a grade.  And now you must dig in, do your research, and study so that you can meet the challenges.  In my case, I sometimes feel as if I have skipped a few grades!  At any rate, you only move up because your head instructor believes that you are ready for the next level

  3. PRACTICE — Of course, all of this gets easier with practice. It is never easy, though! It just feels better to be in a bad mood, doesn’t it? It is hard, but you have to fight for your PMS!

Now, go out there and show your PMS! See you soon, hopefully in a studio class or Daily Therapeutic Training! Make today a great day, and make tomorrow even better!


There simply is no medicine better than Positive Mental State! If you insist upon being happy, then you will give your immune system a big boost and extend your health span!


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