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Two wolves inside each of us — Which one wins?

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Thank you so much for joining The Body Mechanic Blog. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope enjoy this journey into health, fitness and longevity! As always, please share this, as well as any other, post with people you care about that you believe could benefit from the information. Now, on to the topic of the day… Two Wolves inside Each of UsWhich one wins?

Some time ago, I decided to see the Disney movie, “Tomorrowland”. It is about imagination, enginuity, and hope. I enjoyed the movie, and there was one scene in particular that had a good lesson. A father was in a bit of despair over his job. His young daughter told him a short story which her father had apparently told her many times as she was growing up. I had heard this story before, and it is a good one. One from which we all can learn. It goes something like this:

A grandfather tells his grandson, “There are two wolves battling inside us all. One wolf is bad. It is excessive stress, anxiety, depression, greed, anger, and resentment. The other wolf is good. It is love, patience, kindnes, generosity, happiness, and self control.”

After a pause, the grandson asks, “So which wolf wins?”

To which the grandfather replies, “Why, the one that you feed.”

Each day, we all must ask ourselves which wolf we are feeding. Further, and this is critical, if you don’t feed the good wolf, then the bad wolf will win by default! This is why it is so important to practice daily the skills which we talk about — Deep Breathing, Stretching, Relaxation, and be aware of what you are “eating” with your eyes and ears. If you take in too much negativity with your eyes and ears, then you are feeding the bad wolf. And your view of the world, along with your stress and enxiety, will reflect what you are “eating” with your eyes and ears. Personally, I often feel like my good wolf is just a puppy trying to battle a fully grown bad wolf! I am working at it. Speaking of which, I need to “feed” myself with a good audio book right now!

Remember my vision for us — We will age together! But we will be different from previous generations. I want us to be functional centinarians, free from the chronic diseases and pains so common today. Know this:    Aging is mandatory. Maintaining functional fitness and vibrant health — well, that’s optional!

Have a super great day, and an even better tomorrow!  See you soon!

To Your Health!

Jeff Wooten, “The Body Mechanic”

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