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Self-Defense Curriculum

Foundation Level

"Jeff is my lead instructor for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I am a police officer in my 17th year and am the lead defensive tactics instructor for my agency. One of the side effects of being a police officer for this long is that I am very careful in who I trust, I suppose I am a little cynical."

"The reason I'm telling you this is that I do not promote or endorse people or things I do not believe in. Jeff Wooten has gained my trust as a person and as an instructor. He is a very genuine person. He truly cares about what he does and would not impose things that do not merit being done. His teaching ability is phenomenal, as he always comes across as if you are the only one in the room. I have taken his breathing technique and power yoga and adapted it to be taught within the police department. Young or old, strong or weak, his techniques will work for you. I strongly encourage you to give his class a try."


Don Hamilton, Police Officer
Cary, NC

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“Distance Management” is one of the pillars of our leverage-based system

There are positions that, once achieved, are guaranteed to leave an opponent helpless, no matter how strong or aggressive he is.  The key is to first master these positions (and a few common permutations), and then to work backwards one step at a time, mastering each previous step, until you end up at a starting position.  Ultimately you will have a prepared response (a plan) for all of the most common scenarios in any confrontation.  You will be in control.


After the very first lesson, you will know for a fact that you have the technique and ability to do at least one thing that will stop any attacker in his tracks!  Think of how empowering this is.  The goal of this course is to make you into a literal lethal weapon, to turn moms into Momsters and victims into Victors, resulting in dramatically increased self-confidence and awareness.  Part of the goal of this training is also to increase your flexibility, strength, and endurance.  As these components improve, you will find it easier to perform the techniques, not to mention the fact that you will be fitter!


One advantage of this self-defense training over most others is that the techniques can be practiced under relatively realistic conditions.  Every technique is based on leverage and simplicity, instead of punches and kicks.  Therefore, given the proper positioning, even a child could incapacitate a fully grown man.  Now that is powerful!  All the best in your training journey.               –Jeff Wooten “The Body Mechanic”

Lessons (Each lesson is approximately 1 hour):

  1. Understanding and mastering “The End Game” (The Chess mentality).  This is the overarching key to the entire program, and is what will give you the decided advantage over the aggressive attacker

    1. My story – How I developed my skills, and why this is so important for you and your journey

    2. How to think two moves ahead

    3. What is the “end game”?

    4. The goal is always to survive until he gives you the opportunity to finish him (hint:  he will)

    5. RNC -- The ultimate power finish

      1. RNC stands for Rear Naked Choke.  It is my personal favorite technique.  Why?

        1. It works on any living person that has a circulatory and nervous system

        2. It works no matter how tough or aggressive the person is

        3. It works even if the person is high on drugs, any drugs!

        4. I have used this technique, and had it used on me, literally thousands of times, with a variety of people of various sizes, shapes and gender.  I have also taught this to police officers.  It has an amazing track record!

    6. RNC sequence – The “C.L.A.S.P.”  Once you secure the CLASP, he is done!

      1. Clear a path

      2. Latch onto his shoulder

      3. Adjust the position (Nut Cracker)

      4. Squeeze

      5. Pass out (him, not you!)

  2. Back mount play (part 1) – Putting it all together for the RNC

    1. Playing this game will help you to get a feel for the sequence

    2. Why the back mount position is so important, especially when facing a large aggressive opponent

    3. Reviewing the details of each step

    4. Mastering the steps forwards and backwards

  3. Back mount play (part 2) – Adding partner resistance

    1. Adding the “arm trap” – By using your leg to trap his arm it dramatically increases your likelihood of success.  We add this only after you have mastered the C.L.A.S.P.

    2. Adding the “Figure 4”

  4. Back mount play (part 3) – “The Straight Jacket”

    1. At this point, you should have a good grasp on the general goals and most common scenarios.  Mastering the “Straight Jacket”, along with the “figure 4”, will make it even easier to finish even the more clever opponents.  This will take your confidence up another notch.

    2. Understanding why/how the Straight Jacket is combined with the Figure 4

  5. The “Guard” – The position he thinks he wants, is your position of power!

    1. “home base” – How to achieve it and protect yourself

    2. How to defend against strikes

      1. using the “Snake”

      2. using your shins

    3. How to defend against chokes

    4. What if he tries to pick you up?

    5. “safe” kidney attacks

  6. The “Triangle” attack – A devastating finishing hold.  Once applied, it will knock him out within seconds!

  7. The “Triangle” (Part 2) – In this lesson you will learn more details and be prepared for the things he may try to do once caught in your Triangle

  8. The “Guillotine” – Another highly effective strangle hold!

    1. Proper positioning

    2. From the closed guard

    3. In an abduction scenario

  9. The “Open Guard” – How to protect yourself if he is looming over you

    1. Remember a cardinal rule:  you must be either too far away from him or too close to him, never in between.  This is called “distance management”.  Here is where you put these skills to great use

    2. Open Guard to Triangle – If he makes one mistake, you will be ready!

    3. Open Guard to Closed Guard – Sometimes the best and most secure thing to do is get him to your closed guard, or what we simply call the “Guard” (Home base)

  10. “Open Guard” (Part 2) – Open guard to back attack.  Here we will cover the arm drag and get very good at the nuances of transitioning to his back and finishing him

  11. “Rubber” Guard – At this point, your hips, hamstrings, and spine should be flexible enough to assume the “Rubber” guard.  This is an advanced position, and allows you to be even more protected, with more options for finishing him.  We will spend time learning how to transition from Guard to Rubber Guard

  12. “Rubber” Guard attacks:

    1. shoulder lock

    2. strangle

    3. Triangle

  13. The “Half-Guard” – A superb “passive-aggressive” position!

    1. Once you learn the Half-Guard, you may actually prefer it over the other Guard positions, and I wouldn’t blame you!  First we will learn how to stay safe while in the Half-Guard

    2. Half-Guard to back attack – It is actually very easy to get to his back once you know the positioning and leverage.  I’ll teach you that here

  14. Worst case scenario (Part 1) – One of the worst positions to be in is if he is sitting on top of you.  In this case, you are squeezed between him and the floor.  Don’t worry.  You will know what to do.  Here we cover the Trap and Roll escape

  15. Worst case scenario (Part 2) –  “Elbow Escape”.  This is another escape option when he is on top of you.  In this case, he spreads his base out wide, giving you the opportunity to elbow escape

*The above curriculum is a pathway to maximizing your effectiveness in the least amount of time.  This can be modified based upon the students’ needs.  However, in order for you to be truly effective with these techniques, I will also build your flexibility, strength, and endurance.  Therefore, this package includes private stretching sessions, fitness classes, deep breathing classes, and online access.  My goal is not to just show you the typical self-defense moves.  My goal is to turn you into fit “momster”!  With that said, here are the details of what you get, in addition to the 15 lessons:

  • A 30 minute private Strength-Stretching session for each of the 15 lessons ($1,125 total) – That is 7 ½ hours of private sessions!  Each session includes full range of motion stretching for your entire body;

  • 10 TBM fitness classes for each of the 15 lessons ($3,000 total) – You will be able to attend any of our classes.  You can also share these classes with your family!  These classes will be good for 1 year.  Our classes include:

    • Dynamic Power Training Yoga Fusion – 75 min class combining power yoga and martial arts moves

    • Strength-Stretching – 60 min class which strengthens and stretches and every major joint from your toes to your neck through a full range of motion in multiple planes

    • Yin Yoga – 30 or 60 min class which focuses on deep relaxing stretching

    • Fluid Yoga – 60 min class which focuses on spinal and hip mobility

  • 1 year of unlimited access to TBM on-demand fitness classes ($240 total) – You will be able to access these classes at your convenience via your online account

  • 1 year membership with Prehab Therapy Daily Deep Breathing ($119) – You receive two new videos every day via your online account.  One video is approximately 20 minutes of deep breathing exercise.  The other video is approximately 5 minutes, and is for the days when you don’t have as much time but still want to get in your daily deep breathing

  • A special Strength-Stretching rope ($45) – This is the rope we use for all Strength-Stretching and Dynamic Power Training Yoga Fusion classes

  • Lifetime access to videos of our lessons (invaluable!) – You’ll be able to study the techniques from each of our lessons, as much as you like.  If you can go over what you practice with me, in between our sessions, you are far more likely to retain the information


*The total value for all of the above is $4,529!  The total investment for the 15 lessons is $3,500.  Also, I allow Moms to bring 1 kid (10-18) to train for FREE!  So, that would be $3,500 for both of you!  (But only you get the extras :-) ).  Lastly, if another mom signs up with you, she also can bring a child for free!  And, the total cost goes to $5,250.  This means the cost for each of you would be $2,625 instead of $3,500!  That means you would be paying $175 total per lesson for you and 1 child (and you receive the $4,274 of extras).


P.S.  This training also comes with a total money back guarantee!  Seriously.  If after 3 lessons you don’t feel that the training is everything I said it would be, or isn’t worth the cost, then I will gladly refund all of your money!  That is how confident I am.  I want you to know there is zero risk.


P.P.S.  Ordinarily, I count 18-year-olds as adults.  However, I realize that many moms want their daughters, who are seniors in high school or freshmen in college, to learn how to defend themselves.  I agree!  So, 18-year-olds also train for free with moms


Whew!  That was a lot of info.  I hope you see the value in this training, and can see how I am committed to your success.  I look forward to turning you into a momster!  Thank you for taking the time to read this!  If you are interested in pursuing this training, please email me at  Thank you!



To Your Health,


Jeff Wooten, “The Body Mechanic”

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