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Walk this way!  Sign up for the TBM 2023 Walking Lunge Challenge!!

Thanks for registering!  Challenge officially starts MIDNIGHT, 1/1/23

Why is the Walking Lunge such a great exercise?  For one, it forces you to use the largest muscles in your body in a taxing way, giving you plenty of bang for your buck.  Second, it can be used as a dynamic stretch for your entire lower body and spine -- perfect as a preparation for sports.  Third, it helps with maintaining balance as we age.  Fourth, it is low impact and high intensity, giving your heart and lungs a great workout as you work your skeletal muscles.  Fifth, no special equipment is needed.  You can do this exercise in your home or outside, at any time.  ...And I bet you can come up with still other benefits.

So, the idea behind this challenge is to see how many miles we can cover in 2023, just in Walking Lunges!
  You are credited with 3 ft per lunge.  That equates to 1,760 lunges per mile.  All you need to do is log how many lunges you do (log as many times per day as you'd like).  This will be tracked in a database.  I will create a process that will show you how far you will have walked at a given point in time.  The walk will start at our studio and track your progress towards I540, then I40E towards Wilmington.  Good luck!
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