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Had my first 90 minute tune up with Jeff today.  So impressed with his depth of knowledge, experience, life background, attentiveness & great listening skills!  Not to mention great work on my aching hip!  Learned a lot from him in one visit.  Can’t wait to get started at The Body Mechanic!

Tune-up rates

15 minutes:                                               $44
30 minutes:                                              $75
1 hour:                                                         $129
90 minutes:                                             $174
2 hours:                                                      $199
5 hours (1 year expiration):           $475
12 hours (1 year expiration):       $1,080
24 hours (1 year expiration):     $2,040
36 hours (1 year expiration):     $2,880

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We have learned that the key to injury recovery, and prevention, is full range of motion movement combined with deep breathing, and deep massage therapy.

This idea is what lead to the development of our bodywork or “Tune-up”. These components will enable your body to heal itself, while training your brain to relax, ridding you of chronic pain and tension. Each client is unique and our sessions are not to be mistaken for "spa" massage. Our “Tune-ups” are customized to fit your needs and your therapist will discuss with you what is more appropriate for your current concerns.

INFLAME-FLUSH-REPEAT -- This is the key to our success!  Watch our short video below

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