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Really fantastic class. Not only did Jeff provide just the instruction and energy needed, but he also connected with each and every person in class. I will definitely be back.


I can't say about the classes and program besides that I love them. Jeff pushes your body to and past its limits on a journey to lasting health. The result is a difficult class, very hard to get through, that's leads to an amazing feeling of accomplishment and resilience.


I was amazed at how the distance wasn't even noticed during my virtual group training with Jeff! He was able to make adjustments and motivate everyone just as if we were in the studio together. Dynamic strength training met with flexibility practice - you will leave the Body Mechanic thinking, "Wow, I need to do this every day!"

Jeff's classes are always challenging. The integration of strength and stretching is what every BODY needs. After finishing the class (any class), I always have a sense of achievement, and I am always getting stronger. I believe that his techniques have made me resistant to illness and certainly better able to cope with the myriad stressors in life. I recommend any one of the Body Mechanic classes to any person who wants to make some serious improvements to his or her life.

-Jem Scott-Emuakpor

Completed my second Stretch-Strength class via Zoom with Jeff which incorporates many of the stretching exercises for the glutes, hip flexors, hamstrings and quads that I will definitely  incorporate into my post-run stretch routines.  A good toe to head workout that includes muscles that often are forgotten and will definitely help you smile.  This routine can become a staple of my full range of motion body maintenance.

-Dave Gross

Just completed DPT class on-line via Zoom with Jeff (and friends). These classes provide me with strength in muscles I didn't know I had ;-)   More importantly, I have range of motion in my trunk and shoulders and joints like never before even compared to when I was a year-round student-athlete (a few decades ago). This, combined with a monthly tune-up (massage) and daily prehabs are going allow me to play whatever sport I want as long as I live (well into my 100s)!

-Mitchell Bowyer


Jeff guides class to challenge each participant where they are. This class is intense but low impact. It is strengthening and lengthening.  I recommend it.


Jeff and his fellow workers are exceptional.  Without Jeff working on my neck and back pain I would have never been able to go back to my job after an accident. Now he is working on my knee after a knee replacement. I'm one of the 20% of people who have problems from a TKR and his massage therapy has eliminated the swelling and pain in my knee. Thank you so much. I can't express my appreciation.


Had my first 90 minute tune up with Jeff today.  So impressed with his depth of knowledge, experience, life background, attentiveness & great listening skills!  Not to mention great work on my aching hip!  Learned a lot from him in one visit.  Can’t wait to get started at The Body Mechanic!

Jeff did an amazing job with my "body tune up". I went in tense with tightness in my neck and shoulders and came out feeling very relaxed and loose. The atmosphere was relaxing and he was kind, knowledgeable, attentive and he didn't mind explaining when I had questions. I can tell he loves what he does and it shines through. He was a great listener and funny. I also learned a few things about the body in my session. He made me feel relaxed and at ease. He also gave me a few tips to implement into my daily routine to help with tightness. It was a great experience overall and I will be returning!

-Cierra Murdaugh

I visited Jeff Wooten for the first time November 23.  I  have decided to continue to see Jeff.  Together, he and I will work to increase my flexibility and help me  maximize a healthy  lifestyle

-Laurie Cherico

Jeff is fantastic!  I have had chronic hip and lower back pain for over 2 years.   I have tried everything (Yoga,  Chiro,  PT, dry needling,  weekly massage).  After just ONE session with Jeff, the symptoms have seemingly been minimized.  I can't wait to see the results after a few sessions.  

-Yezen Hamad


Amazing work out... like Nothing I have ever done and I have done a lot! If you want to grow stronger and leaner while avoiding injury and getting the benefits of yoga this is the class for you.. my body honestly feels like I went to the mechanic when I come out ... feels like 100 million dollars... getting stronger already!


The bodywork I received from Jeff put me in a much better place than before. I can't imagine the kind of healing, strengthening, and wellness that will lie ahead if I continue to push myself in these practices. He also gives really practical ways to stretch and strengthen based on my schedule and my goals. He listens to me and provides opinions about what other providers have told me, which is a value to me. I highly recommend him!


I always enjoy my sessions with Jeff. I am learning Jujitsu and he is an excellent teacher/trainer.  I always feel safe and he knows exactly how hard to push me as I develop more skills.

I started coming to see Jeff for bodywork last January based on the referral of one of my friends who is a regular client.  I have suffered with chronic knee issues and gone through surgery on both knees.  I did not want to go the doctor route again with shots and steroids and wish I had come to Jeff sooner!  He has helped me to find a much better path to healing and overcoming my issues with massage and stretching.  I am more flexible and when my knee does swell I have a much better range of motion and ability to move than I have had with the traditional treatments.  He has also helped me with more minor shoulder and neck pain as well! I am looking forward to more improvements and my next goal is to try out some of the classes.  Thank you Jeff for your kindness, patience and desire to help people in their healing and health journey!

-Susan Venable

Wow! Found a bunch of muscles I didn't know I had! Tough but in all the right ways. I'll definitely be attending more classes as a compliment to my running!

-Morgan Denning

Great classes! I'm so happy that I found the Body Mechanic. Jeff and his team are great teachers and the classes are dynamic, challenging and empowering. The community is also a huge plus as everyone supports each other and their successes. Highly recommend!

-Amanda Richardson

Jeff gives you his undivided attention, and has a wealth of knowledge about the body as well as the mind.  He is helping me address chronic sciatica issues, and avoid risky back surgery.  I am also able to get better without “time off” from my sports events and workouts, it’s the perfect way to address an issue.  I highly recommend Jeff to anyone looking to stay in great shape and remain super active as you get older.

-Nancy Knuckles


My sons back was in pain for over a month and we took him to a couple places but the pain was not getting better.  He had several games coming up and he already missed a few and played through the pain with others.  Our friend told us we need to try Jeff and we did.  It was the best decision as he was able to release the right muscle causing the pain and my son was able to get back to his games in time for the following weekend and play!  We couldn’t believe that he was able to play that weekend since the problem has been going on for so long and no one seemed to be able to help him get relief.  Jeff was awesome with my son and I would highly recommend him!  He immediately knew the problem and quickly was able to fix it and was fantastic dealing with a young child.  Thank you so much Jeff!


The past four years I had been working out in a regular gym with a personal trainer twice a week.  I was using free weights and machines.  I got to the point that my mind was no longer stimulated and my body did not seem to be improving much.  I began dreading going.  A friend told me about The Body Mechanic so I decided to give it a try.  One word to summarize my experience with Jeff Wooten... AMAZING!!!  I never know what my workout will be like that day, which I love, but I know it will be intense and I will be extremely sore later.  I think that's a great thing!  I feel my body is changing inside as well as outside.  All for the best.  If you are like me and tired of the "same ole same ole" then I highly recommend The Body Mechanic Jeff Wooten!

I discovered Jeff years ago for a stretch massage. I immediately fell in love with his technique to actively work my muscles to relax them. He is always attentive to whatever part of my body is needing the most work. My tight muscles are very happy to visit Jeff! Highly recommend!!

-Diane Wolk

My favorite class to feel flexible, strong, mentally relaxed. Jeff is a true guru.

-Phaedra Boinodiris

I have been going to Jeff and his team for over 5years. They are an integral part of my overall health.  Both the DPT classes and bodywork are required elements of staying fit and flexible.

-Rod Santomassimo

Jeff has been the only practitioner who has correctly diagnosed and treated my soft chronic tissue injuries. Before I met Jeff, I was hobbling and couldn't walk well. After only 3 months I was almost completely functional and was able to return to dancing soon after that. What a God send

-Roxane Lessa

The Body Mechanic and the programs offered are WORTH IT. This has been the only fitness program that I’ve ever been this committed to doing because it’s priceless. My fitness, both physical and mental, have improved since starting in 2012. I love what we do here and encourage everyone to try it out. You won’t be disappointed.

-Theresa Klose 


I have been taking classes, receiving massage/ bodywork, personal training at The Body Mechanic for over 4 yrs now and absolutely love everything they stand for and have to offer. The facility is not only beautiful but comfortable, and the instructors and therapists are incredible. What they offer is so unique! Total body weight training, high intensity, non ballistic so very minimal chance of injury, yet the most complete full body workout I’ve ever experienced! The Yin yoga is beyond amazing, always incorporating new techniques tailored to individual student needs. I’m stronger and more flexible now at 48 then I was at 28! Thank you Body Mechanic!


I love going to the Body Mechanic.  I have a standing monthly appointment for a body tune-up and I feel much better having massage therapy once a month.  Jeff is professional and is very knowledgeable on wellness issues.  He treated me for a frozen shoulder and helped prevent needing surgery!  My visits are simply part of my wellness routine.


What a MARVELOUS Monday DPT class with my Mechaniac friends! Super tough, sweaty & fun! Thank you Jeff! Dynamic Power Training classes are ALWAYS unique as the content varies and most definitely ALWAYS fun & challenging! Kung Fu Salute!

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