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Meet the people supporting you along the way.



Jeff Wooten, “The Body Mechanic”™, is a Fitness Trainer, and a Certified Specialist in Martial Arts Conditioning. Jeff’s fitness concepts are a special combination of Martial Arts, Power Yoga, and creatiive calisthenics. Every program emphasizes Deep Breathing coordinated with Full Range of Motion Movement. In addition to his fitness classes, Jeff teaches self-defense, emphasizing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Jeff has been studying and teaching martial arts and fitness since 1987, and has written numerous articles on fitness and health, including articles for eDiets® and Boom Magazine. Jeff’s desire to inspire people to take control of their health led him to create “Reset Your Thermostat”, which is a combination workbook and journal, designed to inspire you to establish daily habits of goals setting and journaling.


Candace started her yoga journey in 2004 because she was looking for something that would hold her interest. In her first Yoga class, Candace realized she was home. Yoga put all the pieces together; mind, body, and spirit and touched my heart, my soul, and my love of movement.

Candace completed the 230-hour Teacher training at Asheville Yoga Center in 2009. Then completed her 500-hour Teacher training in 2011 with a specialty in Yin Yoga. In 2012 and 2013, she further enhanced her Yin Yoga focus by completing 200 hours of training with Paul Grilley.

Why does Candace love to teach Yoga? “Because it makes me feel like I am providing nourishment to my students. It is an opportunity to give back. It is an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life.”


Namaste. Candace Seidl


Kimberly Weber has been training at The Body Mechanic since 2014, and began teaching TBM fitness classes in 2020.  Kimberly is a fully qualified TBM Strength-Stretching coach, and is a nationally certified trainer under NASM.  She teaches Strength-Stretching privately, as well as leads group classes.

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