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Would You Like a FREE 30 Minute Tune-up?


Hello, Mechaniac!

I'm Kim-Chi, and I'm here to help you achieve a strong, flexible, and healthy body at any age! Just like you maintain your car with regular service and preventive care, your body deserves the same attention. That's why I'm on a mission to provide exceptional service for my middle-aged clients like you.

And here is how you can earn a FREE 30 minute Tune-up with me.  If you know of someone that is stiff and in pain, then s/he could benefit from a Tune-up.  Please use the form below to enter that person's contact info.  I will reach out to that person, and s/he will receive a free 30 minute session with me.  And if s/he decides to purchase another session, then you also will have 30 minutes of Tune-up time added to your account!  All of this is as a great big Thank You for helping me with my mission!

New Client Contact Information

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