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Daily Exercise or Chronic Disease — Which do you choose?

Thank you so much for joining The Body Mechanic Blog. I hope you enjoy it, and enjoy this journey into health and fitness! As always, please share any post to those that could benefit from the information. Now, on to the topic of the day…


The great news is this:

Most of your chronic problems are PREVENTABLE!!

All you need to do is commit to Daily Therapeutic Training.  I have personally made this a habit, and it is my mission to help you to form the same habit.  As many hours as I put into working each week (an “easy” week is 80 hours), I still invest a minimum of 1 hour every day into my health via therapeutic exercise, and I do this first thing in the morning.  Now I must admit to you that even I did not do a full hour in the morning until last year.  I usually trained for 30 minutes or so in the morning, and trained again later in the day.  My mother, who is 78 this year, has trained for an hour every day for many years!  I aspire to have her commitment to my own health.  As I began spending more time in private sessions with clients last year, and needing to do more during the unpredictable day, I adjusted my days to get out of bed earlier and do an hour of therapeutic training every morning.  It was not easy adjusting to get up earlier (as I was already getting up at 5:00 to 5:30am).  But I made that commitment.

So, the obvious question is this — How is Jeff’s health?  Remember, this is a man that works at least 80 hours (two full work weeks) each week.  If you have known me for any amount of time, then you know how my health is!

Now, the other good news is this:  You don’t need to spend an hour each day exercising.  All you need is 20 minutes!!  Click here to see all the benefits.  Did you know you can strengthen your internal organs — including your pelvic floor, diaphragm, heart, lungs, entire digestive system, and even your arteries, veins and capillaries — using deep breathing exercises?

Here is a set of rules I do my best to always live by:

  1. Every action I take is a choice;

  2. Every thing I don’t do is a choice;

  3. How I respond to things that are outside of my control is a choice

So, in the end, Everything about my life if my choice.  And one thing that I choose to do is to commit to daily vigorous deep breathing exercise first thing in the morning, because it is super healthy for my mind and body.  And I am doing my best to impress upon you this same sense of commitment.

I first sent the above cartoon out well over a decade ago.  The message is very powerful, and even more relevant now that we are older.  And I am not even asking for an hour a day.  I am trying to get you to commit to just 20 minutes a day of doing my deep breathing exercises, first thing in the morning.  Just doing that will make a profound difference in your health.  Of that there is no question.  The first thing you must do, whether you can actually admit it or not, is this (are you ready?  Because when you boil it all down, here is what you are left with):  YOU MUST FIRST CONSIDER YOURSELF VALUABLE ENOUGH AND WORTHY TO BE TAKEN CARE OF.  Because if you believe this, then getting out of bed 20 minutes earlier to do the important work becomes a no brainer.

If you would like to learn how to use deep breathing exercises to strengthen your body from the inside out, manage stress and anxiety, and make your body remarkably healthy at any age, click here to join our Daily Therapeutic Training community

Your first month is totally free!!  You will receive a new video every single day and can train with me, earning points and having fun while making an important investment in your health and longevity.

Until next time…

To Your Health!

Jeff Wooten, “The Body Mechanic”

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