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TENSION -- The source of MOST pain

Does your body feel like the image above? Like your soft tissue has formed itself into dozens and dozens of knotted ropes? In my experience, soft tissue tension is almost always the most proximal cause of physical pain. KNOT broken bones or joint misalignment, though these things do happen. And if this is true, your goal should be to alleviate that soft tissue tension. This means you must get deep into that knotted rope, and KNOT just for 5 or ten minutes. This is one of the biggest mistakes in rehab -- too little deep soft tissue work! Your body KNEADS at least 30 minutes of deep pressure in order to ensure enough time to adjust and let go. Then, you KNEAD to flush the tissue. Why? Because all of the waste released from the previously tense muscles must be spread out so that your lymphatic system can more easily remove it. KNOT flushing is the other biggest mistake in rehab. Lastly, you should repeat this process. This is how you give your immune system what it KNEADS to completely fix the problem within just a few sessions!

All the best!

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