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Which pain do you choose?

This morning, like every other, I subjected myself to tasks I'd rather not do. First, I woke up earlier than I wanted (4:00am). This is a pain, but it is also my first significant victory of the day. Let's be clear, I'd rather sleep longer. Then I immediately get started with my exercises. I do deep breathing exercises,

often pushing to the point of dizziness. When I do my physical fitness training, I often push my body to the point of exhaustion, sweating profusely -- hundreds of walking lunges, Abdominals, etc. I invest at least 30 minutes in education (podcasts, online class, or audiobook). And I subject myself to a cold shower.

Why do I do all of this? In part, precisely because I don't want to. It is "painful". However, the science is quite clear. This is INVESTMENT. The result of this daily "pain" is that i get to keep my body and brain strong...RESILIENT. Whatever physical and mental conditioning I have is by no means an accident, or the result of "good genes". I want you to know that I work very hard. And my mission is to convince you to also invest in your own personal wellth bank. Just like with investing your money, it doesn't guarantee you'll have lots of money after many years. But it does make it much more likely.

If you don't invest, you must suffer the "other pain". Remember, the pain of discipline weighs ounces, and produces enormous results. The pain of not investing weighs tons! Which pain will you choose?

Remember, aging is mandatory. Growing old is optional!

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